About Pi-Social
Pi-Social is a social website/app that allows Pi miners and other crypto enthusiast an easier method to stay in touch.

Pi Social

Pi-Social is a social app, making it easier for us to communicate with each other, all while remaining anonymous.
You may follow other members whose post you wish to see, and block, not follow and/or report the annoying ones who seem to only be on Pi to send scam links.
You may also privately message other members, and invite other members into a group conversation. This can be a great way to stay in touch with your earning team and security circle.
We have a detailed Pi's FAQ section, to help everyone find the answers to their questions about Pi quickly and effectively. We have not changed any wording of Pi Network's FAQ. We have only made it easier to read, navigate and share, for the benefit of our community.
We believe that some referrals can be beneficial, so we have a dedicated area for posting these too. We will not tolerate any scams, to ensure Pi-Social remains a safe place for all Pi-Social members. If you see any suspicious referrals, please report it and it will be reviewed.
As a community site/app for Pi, we look forward to working with other current social media groups established for Pi. At a later date, we plan to cross promote with these groups, free of charge, by use of unobtrusive banners linking to their platforms. to better unite all those interested in Pi.
You can view our Facebook page for updates, and to contact us. Find us at www.facebook.com/pi-social-network
We hope you enjoy and benefit from Pi-Social.